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Welcome to the family history web site for the Amendes, Ammendes, von Amendes and am Endes.
Created by Dave Amende.


Amende World News Newsletter

The idea of a newsletter was conceived in 1997 following a family Christmas when we were discussing the impact of the internet. In the UK we are the only Amendes in the telephone book. Via an internet search engine we were able to look at the telephone directories for many European countries and found listed hundreds of" Amendes". I then wrote to 250 of them and received replies from all over Germany, America, New Zealand and Holland. To reply to them all I started a newsletter "Amende World News Update". Issue 9 was the last one to be sent out in paper format in September 2002.

                                                   All the back issues of the newsletter are on this web site, to access copies of Amende World News Update on-line click here

Amende Family Trees

To download pdf copies of Amende family trees click here:

Wilhelm Amende's descendant chart provided by Nancy Amende Gould from the USA: Wilhelm Amende (b1840 - d1931) 5.4mB

Amende "German" descendant chart collated with the help of Dieter von Amende in Germany: Amende (b circa 1695) 7.6mB

Latest Amende World News & Events

We have moved and are now living in York.

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Amende World News Photo Gallery

Aug 2011

We moved to York in July
Here are some photos of our new house in York

ivor at 11

Ivor outside the new house


Here is Ivor on the central staircase, which links all 4 floors

No 11 view

The River Foss is on the north side of the road

July 2010

 Mum & Dad (Rosemary and Harald Amende) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on 29th July 2010. They were married in St Peter's Freshfield.


A telegram arrived from Buckingham Palace with the Queen's congratulations

To mark the 60th anniversary, a luncheon was held at the Cranage Hall Hotel in Cheshire. Some of those attending appear here:

loading    loading

                                Standing L - R: Richard, Alison, David & Erica                                                         Back row L - R: Peter, Ivor, Charlotte, Harry, Zoe, Siān & Michael
                                Seated L - R: James, Rosemary, Harald & Florence                                                  Next row L - R: Alicia, Owen & Nicola
                                                                                                                                                          Seated L - R:
Rosemary, Harald & Florence

loading    loading

                                L - R Michael, Peter & Alison                                                                                        L - R Alison, Zoe & Erica


All those attending

Nov 09

On 21 Nov 2009 we celebrated the 90th birthday of Florence Bruce at the Tall Trees Hotel in Formby. Here are some photos from the party

            Picture of party       

May 2009

On 2nd May 09 James and Conchita Amende celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a party. These are some of the photos from the party



                                    Alicia, Harry, Charlotte, Conchita and James                                                    The interior of the marquee


                                                                Guests arriving                                                                                The Guildford Group


                                                        William Street group                                                                           William Street lads


                                            Amende Children and friends                                                                          Rosemary and Conchita Amende


                                                    Horwood Road residents                                                                                    Horwood Road residents                                   


                                                            Horwood Road residents                                                          Michael Bottomley and Rosemary Amende


                                                                         James and Conchita presented with plants for the garden from neighbours


                                                        Horwood Road residents                                                        Horwood Road residents                                  


                                                    Look at the size of that marquee!                                                        Dominic and Elizabeth





Siān’s Photos

Pretty in pink

One day old


Rather serious at bathtime


Ivor's photos

2 days old, with Steve, Lorraine, Chris & David, visitors from Cananda. Owen tries to stroke Darcey and plummets

This  time Darcey stays put

In a dream world

Only tiny but very loud

Much nicer mood

His first driving lesson didn't go too well


Meeting Granny, Grandad and Nana

Owen's photos

3 days old

2 months old

Wedding photos

Louise and her Uncle Harry arrive at the South door with bridesmaids Julia, Alicia and Imogen to be greeted by Canon Glyn Webster and Canon Jonathan Draper

The Groom, Best Man and ushers

(L - R) Richard Amende, Stephen Baguley, Michael Bottomley, Mike Fereday, David Amende, Harry Amende, Colin Berry, James Amende & Peter Bottomley

The arrival of the bride in the Quire at York Minster

David & Louise at the West door

The happy couple



Photos from the 2001 European tour

In January 2001 I set off on a voyage of discovery to travel around Europe in my motorhome to visit the many places I have researched in publishing Amende World News since 1997 (and have a long holiday!).

In Tarifa, I spent a week camping on the beach then turned North to Madrid for Colin Forster's Stag night with friends from the UK

The next week saw me in Portugal  .

I then arrived in Switzerland to meet up with my parents

I then headed south to Venice  and then on to Pompeii  .

Then to Austria where I  "did" Vienna and  Salzburg  by bike.

Then to a family wedding in Linz, Austria. A "Blues Brothers" shot in front of the castle where the ceremony took place, then the formal photos of Dominic & Elizabeth followed.

I then headed into Germany and visited Ulm to see Dieter von Amende. where I could  relax with Dieter's family for a beer.

I arrived in July at the terminal for the ferry back to England after doing 9 European countries, 10 changes of currency, 1 new tyre, and 10,680 miles.

2 weeks later I was off to Amsterdam, then Denmark and into Sweden. I kept an appointment with relations in Stockholm then to Norway and did Oslo & the fjords. 

They were brought up in Estonia and so gave me a lot of good advice on where to visit. I then caught a  ferry across the Baltic Sea and to Parnu where I found myself sitting outside the Ammende Villa being interviewed for an Estonian national newspaper. 

Back to the French Riviera with good friends from the UK for my 40th Birthday in September.

The last leg was over to Ireland in November and December. This time I had my cat Jerry with me.  Maybe it was the Guinness but Jerry only lasted another 6 months after that trip.

Total miles covered: 50,000!